Show Time

Remember how when the kids are little and you never have a moment in the bathroom by your self, the very second you decide to break free and pee, the little humans are clinging to your leg? Thankfully those days in my world are long least with the little human part!
 Now I have an audience, the moment that the bathroom door closes I hear the scratching, meowing, and the paws come flying under the door. It's not just one cat......or two's all 3 that decide they'd like to join the party! It's not like I am trying to hide national secrets in there with me. I guess they figure they don't get to close the door when they go why should I? The little one "Rigbe" thinks that this is the perfect time to secure a spot in your lap....really now you want to cuddle?

I have not quite decided if they are mocking me and pointing at the muffin top, plotting to kill me (although they would starve to death if that is the case) or they just want me to put on a show when I am getting outta the shower or bath! It's quite the audience I on the back of the toilet, one on the seat and then one on the edge of the tub. I guess the theme song for when I am in the bathroom should be " I Always Feel Like Somebodies Watching Me"? Maybe I should start getting out of the shower doing leg kicks like a Vegas show girl? Well I'm home from my early morning torture class...oh I mean boot camp so I guess it's now " Show Time" and off to the  shower I go......with all 3 cats trailing behind me...............

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