It's a craft-tastic filled weekend! Projects in the works.....what do you do when your hubster won't cook on the gas grill anymore? Okay okay......... he has a good reason why he no longer will cook on could be the fact that the last time we used it there was a little mishap....and by mishap I mean the gas tank had a malfunction and he ended up catching his arm and leg on FIRE! Yes on fire, nothen like the smell of burnt hair to ruin a cookout he ended up with 2nd degree burns, and was going to put the grill out on the curb! But wait the crafty wife (a.k.a me)  yells.....I am sure we can come up with something to do with it.... And that is usually the sign that I will be creating more work for him to do! Which is why he usually tries and hide scraps of wood and stuff that I am sure we could make stuff outta!!

Anywhoooo he gutted the inside, did a little spray spray and here we have it ~ TAAA DAAA  my new planter by the pool.....I am going to put a bin in the bottom half and store extra pool towels, goggles and sunscreen in there!

I'll have you know I almost fell into the pool trying to get this picture I backed up an inch to far...good thing for my ninja like reflexes got me back on balance!

NOW we (a.kaa the hubster)  are working on my new CRAFT DESK! I am SO uber excited with this I cant stand it!! The saw is a blazing and the hubster is hard at work!!! So I better get off the computer before he goes on strike! Stay tuned.........for the big reveal of the redo to the back room................I hope tonight!!!

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