Ahh yes back to school shopping has officially begun with it being the tax free weekend of course! The stores are in full force of long lines, out of stock sizes and colors, and oh yes lets not forget the whining children and stressed parents.. ( some parent's had that little smirk as the kids moaned and groaned.... .and all I could envision was the Staples's commerical  with the dad shopping and kids glaring) ...that just made the whole back to school shopping event so much funner!
 I thought I'd get a jump on things Friday night when I got home and the hubster and PC didn't look like they would be doing anything that involved removing their ass from the video games there were playing, I headed out armed with some coupons and discounts and bonus - Kohl's was open til midnight....not that I was there until midnight ~ but hey the option is there if I wanted to be! I was happy with my haul of shorts and t-shirts I was able to get, came home and had PC try them on (oh so happily as you can image) to discover that they did NOT fit!! UGH to snug...... but lucky for me Kohl's was open at 7am on Saturday, so I returned and tried again and as luck would have it still a little snug, I guess it's time to face the facts that I will not be shopping in the boys section anymore we are now entering the "men's" section means double the price right? And I'll be returning yet the shorts again!
 So we all ventured out to fight the crowd's with the hubster and PC in tow they entered the 3-D world with me (and about a million other people). Hitting the mall and PC having no interest in looking for "school uniform clothes" ~ but the new dress code is uber laxed he can wear cargo shorts and solid shirts- Really?? He is bulking that it's so stupid ?? I think because it does not allow you to wear jamma pants to school - guess that's just to Wal-mart! In Old Navy  hubster was able to find him a pair of cargo shorts and get him to actually try a pair on.........yes the kids cargo shorts are $10.00 and the men's cargo shorts are $35.00!!! He can wear black, khaki or navy...what color do we have GRAY....and then we found a navy and black pair of course couldn't get PC to try them on because "blah blah blah ..that's all I've been doing is trying stuff on....blah blah blah".  Yes he tried on ONE *&^%ING  PAIR OF SHORTS!!! So needless to say I have yet 2 more pairs of shorts to return because this time they are too loose!!
Next up we hit the shoe stores... not just ONE shoe store..... can you believe that there is not one pair of *&^%ING SHOES in all of the shoe stores apparently that fit  PRINCE CHARMING?? To tight, to snug, don't like them, dont like the color, blah blah blah.....finally enough is enough and we called it a day ( really before we had to call to bail me out of jail).
 The ultimate battle was over PC wanting to buy a bb gun....not sneakers..........sorry buster not on the school supply list! UGHHH and the award for the most difficult child goes to....PRINCE CHARMING! Who at this  rate will be arriving to his first day of middle school either :
 A.) In jamma's and flip flops  OR B.) Butt Naked

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