I woke up with the urge to purge this morning....well really I woke up because my darling 4 legged children were hungry at 5:10am and would not leave me alone until I got up and to feed them. Because no one else was awake!  I decided since I was up I would start cleaning and organizing my closet and the linen closet. I had 3 bags to take over to the Goodwill store by mid morning.

That's where it happened....whether it was fate or my destiny (okay alittle dramatic) after I dropped off I decided I would take a look and see if there was anything that gave me that spark to be crafty! And right there in the doorway, calling my name there was a bin of comic books!! I flipped through the  comic books, picked out a Spiderman one that came with 2 editions. I continued to look around  and there they were like a shining star calling out to me..................RED HIGH HEELS in my size ~ and for $2.99!!! OMG ~ yes it proved it right then and there I was destine to make the comic book shoes and this would be great practice! The man at the counter rang me up and said "These comic books are a great price at $3.99, just last week a guy sold it on ebay for $50.00". Needless to say his mouth dropped open as I said "Oh I'm cutting them up and putting them on these shoes to make comic book shoes!".

Stoping off to Micheal's, I peeked at one of the online tutorials to make sure I got all the necessary supplies that I would need. And headed home to be crafty! I ran inside and showed hubster what I got, he looked at me like I might have grown a 3rd head and said "Your going to cut these up? "  And then started snapping pictures to send to his comic loving brother - I'm guessing with a note that reads "Pep's gone crazy...she is cutting these up...better come quick" ..................GEEEZZZ Men I tell you...........well duh I am cutting them up I am making some new shoes here!!!
I settle in my office, pull up a you tube video on it, and start cutting...and cutting...and cutting, I decided I had cut enough scrolled around for a few more online tips and then started painting the Mod Podge on the shoes and started sticking the pieces of cut up comics on. That's when I noticed one of the tutorials said it takes 8 hours PER SHOE!!! WTF??? Have I completely lost my mind??? I do hope some of that 8 hours is dry time...oh yeah it is ....but you also have to coat them again the next day as well!! I wanted to be out and about wearing these bad boys!!! Well they aren't done yet because clearly it's gonna be a few days til they dry you recoat them 3 times and then put the clear coat on UGHHH ! And they won't be my practice shoes because that mess was very tedious!! So they better turn out FAB-U-LOUS!!! Here is after 1 coat, I have them on the hubster's workbench as my little  hint to clean up the edges for me with a razor!

While I was putting them together PC strolls in (rare occasion that he removes his ass from his computer chair) and then says "What are you doing? Does dad know?"  GEEEZZ "Yes dad knows and he thinks they are pretty cool looking  , and these are MY comic books anyways!! So HA! " ~ Yes that is me the mature mama .........

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