Get Crafty....

OMG OMG OMG!!! ! I am so excited I could do cartwheels... that may get dangerous but I could so do me some cartwheels! I really must put a disclaimer here...I have the worlds most awesome and talented hubster there is! I am sure when I told him last week I was going to take Monday off with him........ this was not what he had envisioned that we'd be doing on his day off!!! And when his idea was to "move my desk out of the bedroom" so he could put a treadmill in there....this was not what he had in mind either!!

But you know how the saying goes...... "A Happy Wife Makes a Happy Life" and let me tell you.this is one HAPPY girl!! So while he slaved away to make my uber fabulous craft desk , I found scrap wood - the very reason he hides it from because as soon as I see a piece the wheels start turning...and turning...and it usually creates more work for him! But not this time! I am happy to say I did this on my own! Yes that's correct...he made the huge craft desk and I made ....the back to this bench! LOL

I have so much work space to be crafty on and storage ....30 total cubbies to put treasures in! I haven't really decided what I am going to work on first....well first I need to get a comfortable bar stool .....with a back and a cushion ~ because I am not sure my ass is ever going to leave this space!!
PC would come out an check on us through out the day and roll his eyes on how excited I was! Humm guess there's just not enough action for him to be interested in my new craft space! That's okay cause it MINE....ALL  MINE!!!

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  1. Love it!!!! It looks awesome & I can't wait to see some of the fabulous things that come out of there!!!