Naughty list

Really I actually googled how many days til Christmas on purpose? What the hell was I thinking?? Clearly I was not since it is 2:02 am and now my anxiety has skyrocketed! According to the countdown clock there are 5 days and 21 hours left! Doesn't it seem like it appears out of no where? I's the same ******* time each year....but really it does seem to sneak right up on you! I have been shopping for months ( yeah...OK you got me there ... nothen new) but still I just made my list...and check it twice... and whoops...I forgot some people! Like major family members! Humm doesn't that mean they must be on the naughty list? Eureka that's it! If I get called out for missing someone I will just just remind them what list they are on!

My glorious craft table is in over drive and is a hot mess! I have a Craft Explosion going on ...all my projects are running together! I'm sure at some point ( like in 5 days and 10 hours maybe)  it'll be nice and clean again ( for the hubster's sake) I am pretty sure I see his eye twitch a little more as each day passes and it still looks like ....Don't worry hubster this too shall pass...................well maybe!

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