Getten Witchy

My "Frankenkitty" is recovering well, however I am on his list since I have to be the bad mama and give him his med's. Let's say that is not an easy task! I've been busy craften' . My B-I-L's school host a craft fair every year around Halloween, so I have been whipping up witch candy jars! So stinking cute if I do say so myself! Then I decided that I will also need some ghost and mummy many ideas in my head right now!!! At least I have plenty of time! I also have ideas in there for Santa's and snowmans............I'll never be able to sleep again until I have all these ideas out of my head!!!!

So while I was busy making tutu's for my witch  jars (BTW I am starting to think I am obsessed with tutu's.Pretty sure I was meant to have a little girl to put in a tutu!!), PC was yeah we all know what Jamma Boy was little as possible, after all he has to go to school tomorrow! Oh the horror and it's an "A" day....meaning it's PE day! ! And the hubster was redecorating the little room off our bedroom. Since we moved me and my crafty stuff into the new fabulous space...he wanted to turn the other room into an exercise room.

So now this room has the weight bench, inversion table (which if you ask me looks like a kinky... whoops......never mind family members read this) oh and we have my dresser, the hutch desk that I converted into a linen closet and ...well the..errrr...the litter box Yes it is quite the assortment of pieces in this room! Oh and still up on a shelf you'll notice my Winnie the Pooh's (when it was my craft area it did have rhyme and not so much). So do you think it look more cosy with my Winnie the Pooh blanket tossed on the weigh bench? Frankenkitty (Rigby) sure does he hopped right up there! I think I may need to rethink the design here, but for now I'm sure the cats will be happy with a new place to lounge about!

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  1. post pictures of the ghost jars too! Umm yeah that exercise room for sure needs your touch girlfriend :-)