I am waving the white flag and surrendering. So we are now on week 2 of not attending camp since the hubster still isn't feeling to par he has been working from home. Which makes PC also referred to as Jamma Boy as happy as a pig in $*** (which is actually not a true statement....not all pig like to wallow in the mud or anything else for that matter ~ mine didn't even like to get her feet dirty).

Anyways 2 blissful weeks he has done nothing.......and it is NOT for my lacking of nagging! Really I should look as it as I donated the money to summer camp right? Obviously I am not getting my money's worth this year! I think maybe he has attended 8 whole dreadful, painful times this entire summer! Oh and that dreadful & painful is meant for me..after all I am the one who had to drive him....while he moaned and groaned the entire way there! Lucky for me ~ it's not a long ride!

So I mention to him that we need to start getting his school supplies and clothes for middle school and try and pump him up about it..(after all WHO doesn't like to go shopping for new stuff???) Oh yeah that would be my little Prince Charming who doesn't want to go shopping!!! I guess to an 11 year old boy, the thought of having to go buy new clothes for school is boring ...(or maybe he thinks they will allow him to wear his jammas to school...after all people wear them to Wal-mart) ......or it could be the fact he will have to actually get dress is "real clothes" and remove his ass from his computer chair and dare I even say go out into the 3-D world! Whelp here's hoping he doesn't combust into flames by being in the sunlight next weekend!

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