Gator bait

So week 2 of middle school is completed. The outcome.....PC is grounded....what does that tell you! It's for his grades, yes his grades and his mouth! 9 days down and 171 more school days to go!!! Will we survive? I guess time will tell. So tonight as I was cleaning out his notebook to see what the wonderful world of homework is ahead of us, when I started reading his biography answers.
Where we're you born? Newcastle, England......really? Um NO it was Largo, FL believe me I was there. 
Most memorable moment? When I was almost killed??? I spun around and waved the paper yelling WHAT??  WHAT are you talking about?? With the biggest grin you've ever seen he looks at me and says...... "You remember when I was almost eaten by an alligator!"
 Oh yes....that day............. This story has turned into his great "Fishing Tale". Let's back up to when PC (Prince Charming) was 4 maybe 5 we went fishing in a little boat, with my dad and Captain Bob in a lake.....and yes there are alligators in the lake and as we were riding along on the little boat we also were looking at the alligators on the banks sunning themselves. And taking pictures to show dad!
So let's go to the part where he is.............. what does he say...almost killed!

Captain Bob is on the large side and mind you we are in a little we stay on this side stay on that side and we should even out kind of little boat, my dad the mighty fisherman is one legged, and then there's me the "Ewww you want me to do what with that shrimp on that hook?" And then we have the darling PC who was  4-5 and even then was a know it all. Anyways we were showing him how to throw out his fishing pole line, be careful, don't lean to far or you'll ............SPLASH......... Yep he fell into the lake, the boat kept going, and my dad is yelling swim...swim......I think it was slow motion as I start yelling at the Captain to stop the boat, and see PCs frantic face and arms and feet paddling , I dive in  like the mama bear to rescue her little cub, and pull him to the boat, which thankfully had stopped and turned around to get us. I lift him up into the boat to my dad, and I start to pull  myself up when it flashes through my mind "Holy $hit this lake has gators in it"! PC was very pitiful with his trembling lip quivering..."I dont want to fish no more" , then you have Capatin Bob ranting that he cant believe we dropped his bamboo fishing pole in the lake and LOST IT! Seriously Captain??? The kid here was almost gator bait...and your worried about a *&^%&^*(& fishing pole? Okay so needless to say it was the last time that Captain Bob and my dad offered to bring the little darling PC and I fishing!
And I do  admit it was a scary time, not that there were any alligators nipping at our feet, or chasing us, but I guess it is the thought that we fell in the lake, that yes contains alligators! I guess this adventure in PC's mind really left an impression! Every year the story he writes about gets a little more embellished, more dangerous, I am sure by next year instead of it being a lake, it's going to be an alligator pit, and my dad will be one legged because the alligator ripped it off! 

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  1. LOL...I remember when that trip happened. I hope the next 171 days go better. PC is quite imaginative!