So my little Rigby aka "Frankenkitty" is recovering well and you'll be happy to know he is no longer "depressed". Really I think once I told the vet "hey if your keeping him for free again over night ~ that's great if you think I have any money left to pay ~  you'd be wrong!" And it was like magic about 30 minutes later they called back and  my baby was no longer depressed but ready to come home!

They also sent me home with this nice little jar.....filled with....yep his colon! Really?  This is my souvenir for his trip to the ER? Seriously  I was hoping for a t-shirt...maybe it could read " I took my PET to the ER and all I have LEFT is this T-SHIRT"  NOW that would be a top seller I am sure! I may have to trade mark this for all those ( yes me) crazy pet owners, they can give them out when you get your bill!!! Brilliant I tell you,  just brilliant!! So I looked in my bag of goodies, cat med's , 2 jars with colon pieces yep - so what exactly am I suppose to do with this? They told me to put it in the fridge and on Monday bring it to my regular vet. Alrighty then....................

Guess what else I discovered? A jar of yucky colon pieces make a great diet aid...yep when put smack dab in the front in the fridge ...right where PC put it.yep that'll take your appetite away in a heart beat!! Oh and guess what my girl at the vet  looked at me and said when I stopped in Monday morning?  "And what are we suppose to do with it?" I told her it was a great diet aid and if what ever they had planned to do with it was going to cost me anything then don't do a damn thing!!

So for now they are just storing the icky jar! Rigby the Frankenkitty is happy to be home and well... my other two cats are NOT happy or maybe they think they will be next!!!

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