Jamma Boy

It was so close today.....I had PC up, showered (with minimal yelling to speed it up and use soap) , lunch was packed and we were just about to leave when suddenly he halted in front of the hubster's office to realize that hubster was still in his pajama's.......that's when it hit him, dad was working from home. Ughhhh yes I was so close to getting him off to camp today  ~ but then he did an about face and headed to his room and said I will be right back.  Only to reappear in his jammies and to inform me that I was crazy to think he was going to camp if dad was going to be here. Of course the hubster ....just smirked.....GEEZ wonder where the boy gets it from!!!

I think I may have to rename PC ~ Prince Charming (not precious child which is what one of my co-workers thought it must stand for LOL until she stumbled through some of my postings here in blog ville) to JB - Jamma Boy! He has seriouly been in his pajamas (dont worry NEW pair after each LONG shower~ I know this because the evidence aka dirty jammies are on the floor when I get home ) since THURSDAY of last week ~ and today my friends is WEDNESDAY! Hubster's been ill so he has been taking it easy and working from home on the days he is normally at the office. I will say that Jamma Boy is in "Pig Hog Heaven" with that.....not the dad being ill part ....but the being at home for the past 7 days....in his jammies and really the only time he tends to remove his ass from  his chair is to pee and go to the kitchen for something to eat! Who knows maybe he is afraid he will combust into flames if he is to step outside in the sun or to the 3-D world.

I know...........I know.............it could be worse, he could be doing so many other things worse then playen on his computer all the time, yes I watch the news and read the papers ( well mostly the funny's and my horoscope but  still). So I guess my hope is that all this tech time will pay off and he will be the Bill Gates and take good care of me and the hubster when we are "old and be-fuddled" as he likes to say!

So this week he is in his Pajama Loving Glory as he managed to NOT attend 1 single day of the FULLY PAID for summer Camp! But I did manage to get alittle  dig in...when I mentioned that school starts in about 30 days!!! Yep- that's me the mature mama

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