I have a confession.I am addicted to Pinterest! It is full of so many ideas that my wheels are in overload spinning!! I am pinning all kinds of things I need to make whether its crafts or food recipes, fitness tips, smart ass pictures!!! It has something for anyone and everything!! It really can make you a little A.D.D~ so much stuff to see!!! The best part is it's like a big picture book.......... on steroids!

As PC will tell you I am a shoe lover/hoarder ~ of course I wear them all (most) of them all 76 pairs....sneakers, sandals, flip flops, flats, kitten heels, hooker heels, wedges, ankle boots, knee high boots...shall I go on!!! Well now I have found a pair I need to make! Yes I did say make! Comic Book shoes!!! How freaking cool are these...add a little mod podge, cut up some comic books (I can hear the hubster and his brother suck in the air at the mere mention of a pair of scissors  near a COMIC BOOK!) Oh but I am gonna need to hit them up for some comic books so I can make a pair!

And if these aren't cool enough.....check out these glitter-rific DIY shoes! Yes the wheels are so turning!!! Which shoes should I add a little "spice" to......... I may actually have to go buy a pair!!!!

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