Time Flies....

Can you believe there are only 14 shopping days left til ...gasp Christmas! Where did October and November go! I was shocked when I just looked at my post list and I have not logged in since the beginning of October! And trust me it's not like I didn't have PLENTY to ...oh how would the hubster put it...oh yeah.. NAG ABOUT! He must need a refresher course because here I am at 12:30am scrolling through pictures from this year to make up the Xmass cards first he points out that it is Xmass is in 2 weeks and I am just now doing the cards?  And then he pipes in "While your up ~ you should update your blog! I'm tried of reading the same thing!"

The past 2 months are a bit of a blur.....October all my free time was spent making Tutu's for my Halloween crafts! I had tutu's coming out of my ears. And when the dust settled in rolled November.

My great aunt had a massive stroke in early November. She is the godfather of our entire family, the glue that holds us all together, the strongest woman (besides my mom) that I know. It makes perfect sense my mom and my aunts would be so strong, they were all raised by her! She is also 89, but like I said the strongest woman I know, she is a fighter and has not given up yet. I am sure when she regains her speech.....she will have plenty to say...to all of us ~ that go and visit and yap and yap away ~ whether she wants to hear it or not!! None of us can imagen a world without her, so for now ~ we don't let ourselves imagen that at all.

We have had some major
 changes in our school world. PC has changed to a private school that  caters to his ADD,ODD and OCD. It only has 92 kids from grades 5-12 and the best part....are you ready... there is ....wait for it.... wait.... there is.. NO .....HOMEWORK!!! There is a chance I may survive these "Tween years" without wearing prison orange!! We just started last week so time will tell if it'll be worth it. I certainly hope so!

Off to bed I need to go! My head is swirling with all the projects left to finish, shopping left to do and I totally need to get my lazy ass up and go to boot camp at 5:30am oh and swing by Walmart before I go! After all it is the baking season!!! The hubster - who BTW makes a WAY better house wife then me.....  made tonight for dinner...homemade bread, real Alfredo sauce with pasta and chocolate chip meringue cookies for dessert!
Can't you just feel your waistband expand???

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