The comic strip "Baby Blues" this week was so me ~ only instead of a jewel gun give me some comics and Mod Podge! But I am pretty sure if you gave me a jewel gun I'd do the same thing as Zoe ~ and give everything some bling!

Front and Back Side :)  
I know I said that I would only be making one pair of "Comic book shoes" however after forgetting what a PITA it was to make those (and I am slightly insane) .....when we went to a used book store yesterday the entire back room was filled with comic books for just $1.00  dollar...and they had 1000's to choose from! So I picked out 4 ( I had to contain my self....and PC was there with his ughhh just pick one can we go...blah blah ..blah .....SO NOT A SHOPPER that boy) and we headed home! I rooted around in my closet because I was looking for a pair of shoes I could part with in their original form ~ not finding any just yet ......a red clutch bag caught my eye, I had only used it about 2 times in 6 years so yep ~ that would be perfect.

After all I already have "Spiderman and Friends" Heels  so now I needed an accessory to go with them  right? Well here we have it!!!  TA DA ......I have a "Wonder Women" clutch! She is such a bad ass and so knows how to rock those red boots! Hubster will clean up the edges for me when I'm done sealing it! And well since I still had lots of images cut out....I also found a pair of flats to do this morning! They are still rather messy right now so when they are all done I will put up a picture!

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