Mr. Sandman ..........

I had a great nights sleep last night! Not so much the night before, I awoke at 3am with the sound of a chainsaw roaring to life next to me  ....oh my bad it was only the hubster snoring, a few tugs to  his pillow to move his head, a few jabs to his shoulders  but he kept sawing away. Then I had Rigby the crazy kitten investigating who stole his poop from the litter box. At least that is my best guess on what he was doing in there scratching away at the top of the automatic litter box (best invention ever) so I get up to chase him out of the poop stealer. I start to lay down and hear "" I walk into Prince Charmings room now at 3:30am as he is sitting straight up in the bed eyes wide open and starts mumblings about "where are the Lego's and in mind craft he did ..........." I walk over and put my hand to his forehead and push him back down on the pillow....don't worry I did it gently...he is a sleep talker and sleep walker!

 I found him one time getting ready to pee in the hubsters chair~ he thought it was the bathroom! So it's a good thing that I am such a light sleeper or who knows what would happen in this house! PC usually comments to his buddy that "my mom's hearing is so good she can hear a moth fart" . Okay not so flattered by that statement, I think it's really that he and buddy suck at whispering so I can hear everything they say! Even 3 rooms away as they are plotting how at 5am they can sneak past my bedroom to get into PC's room and start gaming...I yell out to the living room  "not gonna happen ...go back to sleep"  I decided I might as well stay up since clearly the dark forces were in my way of sleep and then the wheels start turning about all the projects I want to do, need to do, have to do! So I grabbed the last lemon bar covered in powdered sugar (yumm) at 4am and settled down to read on the couch just as Tweetie Bird, my cat...he is the labeled as "the mama's boy" ......who really doesn't care if someone is stealing his poop...he's just happy it's a clean litter box jumps up with me and claims  his cozy  spot to lay ......right on top of the girls is where he trys to settle in and gets annoyed when I scoot him over so I can breathe and actually see my book with out all cat in my face. The nerve of me right!

Yes last night 3 melatonin's later I was in a blissful sleep didn't even hear if the hubster had the chain saws going, but when I woke up he was on the couch so maybe I was the one with chainsaws blaring?

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