'How To"

I think I may need to write a "How to guide" "How to NOT strangle your child" .......
Or maybe I need to read one! Counting is not working because I don't even think I can count that high! And just think in 2 more days it's summer......He will be home, all day, all night....oh good lord help me now! Luckily he is signed up for lots of half day camps....may need to make those full days! Seriously we are to much alike! We both need to be right , and well I'm the mom so therefore I AM RIGHT! Really this child will be a lawyer , or on America's Most Wanted! Breathe.....Breathe...... Breathe......After I drop him off at school ( I will try to remember to STOP the car, and not just push him out!) I will head to the gym, where I will work off my aggravation while white knuckling the handles of the glider, pretending that is Caleb's little neck! That should make me feel better! And that way I won't end up in jail! So that'll work! Hopefully I will remember where the gym is, I skipped all week , due to being sick , hoping to make my workout with out hacking on anyone! Oh but I need a good sweat session because I am ready to snap! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it'll be a long summer! Boot camp? Do you think I could sign him up for bootcamp? hummmmmmm something to look into! And just think It's only 7:00 a.m. ughhhhhhhh

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