OMG! I have never seen the show "Bridezilla" before! I never even watched a "Wedding story" Or any of the other wedding shows for that matter, before we got married! But today I stumbled on "Bridezilla" an not just a show a marathon! I can't turn away!HA HA neither can hubby! Oh how sad! We haven't figured out WHY someone would marry someone like that! If you haven't seen it......ya need to watch! These gals are CRAZY! Really they should be happy someone is actually marring them! Just goes to show how LUCKY hubby is! And as we watch this I certainly do remind him! But in between commercials I did get some packing done, some house hunting and some mom nagging! Gotta go cause the new season "Bridezilla" is getting ready to start! Oh how sad am I! Well hubby too! HA!

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