Betty Crocker strikes again.....

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM COOKIES! Yes Betty Crocker (AKA hubby) was a baking fool! Of course it was MY bright idea that we make cookies for ALL of Caleb's teacher( Art, science, music ect) ! And a few extra so he made about 10 dozen! Now I have to bag them ...."One for you...One for me"! I made cute little bags with thank yous from Caleb and they are hole punched on to the bag with fancy ribbon! And of course for his main teacher I had to make not only cookies , but come up with a clever basket ...(which of course I did) because every holiday we've made her one , she carries on how cool it is! As if it won;t be! GEEZ she doesn't know who she's talken about huh! The queen of clever! I have to say my will power with the cookies has been amazing! Of course they are on a shelf WAY to high for me to reach, with out pulling a chair over, climbing on top of the counter, standing up and reaching to get to the top shelf! Seems like to much work .....Outta site ....Outta mind! Well until after we get home from church , then I will be bagging them! ..................One for you , One for me.......One for you ..........two for me!

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