Men and shopping..........

Good God now I remember WHY husbands should not be let loose in the grochie store! His rebuttal is that we have some "GOOD STUFF TO EAT" ......not sure if we can make many meals with the "good stuff"! 2 carts and CHOKE $200 dollar later! I wasn't prepared at all with my coupons , it was a spur of the moment to hit the store..NOT A GOOD IDEA! Think a half pint of GELATO Ice cream at 800 calories a pint! He will be putting himself in food coma by the time Caleb and I get back from camping on Tuesday morning!
Yes I said camping....that dreaded day has come....we got him all set up this morning at the camp site! Poor Caleb, we look like we have a Charlie Brown tent, hell I think Charlies xmass tree was bigger then this little tent! I didn;t want to borrow a tent again, so it'll be a tight squeeze! Good thing I'm "child size " least that's what my girlfriend's husband said....yea same one who thinks I should go "BUC WILD" at the BK to gain a few pounds! Anyways it should be cozy I'll let ya know as night one of my camping adventure will be on it's way!

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