All this before 8 a.m????

What a morning! First I was in a dead sleep when I felt a horrible pain, it took me a moment...a SHORT moment to realize Caleb was asleep in my room and was tugging to flip his pillow...only the pillow wasn't what he was tugging! Yep he about ripped my boob right off! What a way to start my morning!

Since I was up and wide awake, I decided I'd hit the gym, no need to procrastinate, get it over and done! No one gets gussied up at 5:30 a.m that's for sure! The only interesting man I saw was camo boy! I wouldn't have been able to even see him , he was all in camo from head to toe.....the thing that caught my eye was the HOT PINK IPOD clipped to his hat! Don't get me wrong I am all for a splash of color...........

After showering, getting ready for the days I decided to start on some chores, laundry, dishes, you know the usual! When Caleb graced me with his presence this morning and it was only 7 a.m, we let "Padme" the hamster run around in her ball in the front room, while he watched cartoons and I went back to work doing chores......

I think I may need to put a bull's eye in the bottom of the toilet! Not sure who hasn't perfected their aim, my guess would be the boy....Dad has had many, many, many years of practice! (hehehehehe couldn't resist! ) Welp done with the bathroom I head to the kitchen where I FROZE! There was no Caleb but "Padme" and the 2 cats in the kitchen....only "Padme" was not in her ball any longer she was chillen with the cats! Really...they were sitten there!

I am starting to think the cats are not "REAL" cats! I mean they didn't eat the hamster, they like to play in the water! Pee Tree in the picture lets 'Padme" lay on her.... and "Tweety Bird" (I know wonder the cat is confused with a name like that) likes salad and fruit, but I guess we can take "Hamster" off the menu...or maybe I just resuced her to quick!

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