Packing, Purging, Repeat ......

Yep that's what it seems like my days are full of Packing, Purging and Repeat......Packing a 2400 sq ft house and fitting it into a 1200 sq ft house seems like a trick even David Copperfiled couldn't manage! With the help of Craig's list, I have sold off a couch, end tables, tv and tv cabinet. The lady came with a Uhaul and a few buddies to load! If I would have known that I wouldn't have dragged my "Borrowed husband" (Hi Al) over to help carry the TV and cabinet outta my room while the hubby was at work! So now with an empty front room I have been putting boxes there that are packed and ready to be loaded, and I am sadly disappointed that there are only 28 packed boxes in that room! I swear I feel like I've packed more ...I must be thinking of the ones I dropped off at Goodwill, cause I have been packing FOREVER and a DAY so I know there should be more then 28 *&^%ING boxes!

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