Such willpower!

Welp I came to my senses and didn't get my free donut for National Donut Day! Actually my tummy was screaming YES! YES! YES...and my thighs were yelling NO! NO! NO! So the thighs won, I don't need any more giggle down there especially since it's summer! You walk around half naked in bathing suits for all the world to see, your every wiggle, and jiggle so in the end I decided NOT to participate ! I know such willpower right? Yeah I know! Actually the car line was to long, and so was the line inside! But hey....still such willpower! I think I will hold out for free shoe day!
I'll stand in line for that!
Caleb was awarded the "Individuality" Award at school to day? Guess they have learned yep, he is his own little person!Ms. Kitty his 2 year old preschool teacher who was about 90 lbs and 4'9 and about 70 years old! Loved her! She was a retired teacher at 35 years and came back to be with kids. Yes she was a saint, because when I am 70 I plan on avoiding children and traveling the world, laughing at Caleb since I am sure his children will be as bad as he is....( We know this since I am being paid back!) Anyways she called me in one day to chat about "How wonderful Caleb was, what a joy he is in class, how he was such a leader and not a follower" OKAY I'm waiting for the "BUT" part of this conversation when she said....."But, he needs to know I am in charge not him! I need to be the leader ...not him! Later in life he will be in charge...BUT NOT NOW! " WEll 6 years later at 8 he still hasn't figured out he's not in charge!

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