Good times.......

Oh how exciting today is the last day of school. And not only is it the LAST day of school it's also a HALF day of school! Oh I can hardly contain my excitement! IT just brings me that much closer to our Saturday camping trip! OH JOY!

I found the gym and while I did the first part of my workout white knuckled with a death grip on the handles after my knock down, drag out fight first thing in the morning with my little darling...I felt much better afterwards! He got a hair cut that afternoon, I was sure under that mop of hair there would be little devil horns hiding, but much to my surprise there wasn't! He was a tad annoyed with his hair cut thou, he asked for a Mohawk......and came to me with a crew cut and says " Does this look like a Mohawk to you? " At least he said it to me.
One time while getting a hair cut the lady asked "How do you like it" And his simple response was " Lady I don't think you know what you're doing! This don't look nothen like a crew cut"! Yes he is such a joy at the barber......Another time while he was 4 he came in sat down and started flipping through the Maxime Magazine (men's magazine)while I tried to deter him with the Barney books they had he was much more interested In his current choice! I was horrified when he opened it up to announce.... "Mommy she has panties just like you look! " in his loud little boy voice that can be heard for miles as he giggled.....then to add to my horror he starts to giggle again and says "Look mommy she don't got a bra on!" As I am wrangling the magazine away from him a old bitty that works there snaps at me" MISS there are appropriate things he can read right over there! " MY immediate response as I held the barney books up was " YES I know! But obviously they aren't as interesting as what he is reading NOW! " Yes ....good times are had at the barber shop!

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