A seasoned camper

Yep that's me a seasoned camper! And I learned a few more things on this adventure.........When I returned back to camp to our Charlie Brown tent, one of the guys upgraded me...he had a 6 man tent an extra one! Who brings and extra tent? Thank God he did, and someone else had an extra tarp that goes underneath...in case it rains. Well my thoughts on that is if it starts raining I will hightail it outta here!

It was a boys dream out there, bugs, tents, holes in the ground to pee in....on purpose! Apparently that's a big hit with the boys...........they ran to get flashlights to see the "stuff" better that is down in that hole....ewwww I didn't dare go in that room!Gotta be a boy thing! BB gun range, archery, BMX, skateboarding, they had it all! And then there's me....although I was NOT the only mom there, only one in our troop, but not the only one. However a huge difference between me and the other mom's ....they enjoy camping! And we know my view on it!

After the first night , sleeping on just blankets my back was killing me, my entire body felt like I had been hit by a semi truck! After my endless whining about how sore I was ......hubby and I went to get a pump for the upgraded tent! A pump for the queen size blow up mattress! AHHHHH that was heaven....well at least from the night before on the hard ground, a nice cozy mattress! It would be great if the failing child wasn't swinging his arms and legs while he tosses and turns...but I did get some shut eye on the 2nd night, in between his endless sleep chatter! Night 3 it starts to rain......my plan to high tail it outta there is foiled due to my little "woodsman" wants to STAY! So we stay....it drizzles so it's not bad because it stops, and we are dry. They cancel the nighttime events and we end up playing Light Up Frisbee, in the pitch black forest til after 10 pm! Talk about dark and wild! You just see this flying light heading straight for you! But that was fun! You learn to duck when it whacks a few people in the head!

Welp this morning started like every morning......5:30 am the annoying birds decide everyone should wake up now! And they get louder and louder with each and every whistle! Caleb has the blanket wrapped up over his head and trying to turn out the bright sun and annoying birds while he continues to get some shut eye. Ahhh last morning here, I have survived the camping trip and it was actually fun!

UNTIL.....the ranger rides up at 7:30am to say everyone should start packing up, and take tents down we have a huge storm coming our way! Everyone scrambled and we wake the kids and get them dressed, stuff packed and WHAM....it starts to pour! I have a very stylish purple poncho on..........it doesn't really keep you dry! That is false advertising! I was soaked! We all were racing around tryen to get the tents down, I was the first tent down...yes me I am the "Tent Master" probably since I had the smallest tent but hey...It was the first one down! So take that BOYS! HA!

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