Hacker Girl

Welp I have been for going the gym the last week or so, mainly so I am not dubbed as "Hacker Girl" or hack up a lung while on the glider! My diet is consistent of cough drops and hot tea. Goodie for me I had all those coupons for FREE cough drops and I stocked up! Now I'm on antibiotics that I am to stay outta the sun while I am on it for the next 10 days....ughhh yeah it's summer, the pools open and I have an 8 year old boy! Sure I can stay outta the sun! I do however feel like I have been doing mega AB crunches....my stomach and sides are so sore from all this hacking I am doing! SO who knows maybe I'll have that 6 pack off abs after all!
My brain isn't functioning either looking for my glasses only to realize yep they on top of my head already and then ........ as I just made Caleb's breakfast, there I am with the bagel in hand buttering it up , when I noticed .................I just put frosting ...vanilla butter cream frosting on his bagel...on the last bagel in the house! UGHHH Really I may need to go back to bed and start over!

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