Pool time

I have decided that while my new suit is so very cute for lounging around the pool ...however it really is a pain the the @$$ to get down to go use the bathroom. And most people know I have a micro bladder! I may have to start peeing in the pool! I figure it really won't matter if I am on the toddler end of the pool ....I am quite sure they PEE in there! The water is way to warm on that in! I know EWWWW but with probably 100 + people at the pool I am sure someone is letten it go! But for now I am just wiggling and wrangling to get my one piece up and down and the girls adjusted just right it really is a PITA!
When I was little my grandma always said "Don't Pee in the pool, it turns the water red!" Wasn't she surprised when I yelled back to her one day "No it doesn't SEE!" Yep good ol Grammy had to grab the "Tag-en-al" (Tylenol) that day!
Welp that's all for now, I don't feel good and now have annouced yes I have peed in the pool....but who hasn't REALLY! Come on admitt it Even MICHEAL PHELPS admitted in an interview..that along with his DUI and Pot smoking...........man now no one will wanna back him especailly after admitting he has peed in the POOL!

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