Mirror Mirror on the Wall

It's that time a year again! You know when the sweat starts to pour down your face, and you begin to look at the flabby thighs, tummy and everything in between and swear you won't have another cookie all summer if you can just fit in that suit! Yes ladies that's right "Bathing Suit" shoppen is here! And I swear every year the suits get smaller and smaller and the prices go higher and higher!
Men truly have it easier, they pay what $10.00 bucks on a pair of trunks , and they don't care if Larry, Moe and Curly have the same pair sitten at the pool! Hell they probably went together to get them!
While us girls, don't always take the word of our girlfriends....no matter how good of a friend you have you know you always have that nagging voice sayen...."She just wants me to look foolish" "I really shouldn't get this" and it's not like we'd take the advice of the significant other either! We roll our eyes and say " Yeah right what do you know!" So you have to be the judge , jury and lay down the law! And get what feels right, looks good and will stay up while you chase the kids around, or bend over! Make sure you do a few checks in the dressing room like bends, squats jumping jacks! What ever it takes to keep the suit in place, and covering all areas it's meant to! And remember just because they make it in our size doesn't always mean we should wear it!

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