Old Sparkie.....

I think it was a sign from up above! I went to vacuum and "SPARKS" actual "SPARKS" came from the vacuum! See really it is a sign , I should not be vacuuming! The bad news is I have another vacuum upstairs that is not "sparking"...at the moment at least! You never know it could happen! Like when I OPPS drop it down the stairwell!

Hubby always wanted to live in a 2-story house! Yea until we lived here! I think they are over rated! Think about it, you have to go up and down all day long! When kids are upstairs playen it sounds like a herd of elephants, and when our little charmer is alone it sounds like a bull in a china shop! Not real sure how one child can make SO much noise! When his selective hearing is turned on ( most days) I have to go find him....which requires going up stairs! Laundry room thankfully is upstairs...however they didn't tell us when we bought a front loader and the pedestals they stand on.....that the ENTIRE house shakes on SPIN! Not like you can sit on top of it on spin since it's on pedestals, which by the way on the 2nd floor you can't use the one with the washer! There is a tray that the washer sits on to prevent any water damage and therefore can't open the drawer!

When your downstairs you have usually forgotten something upstairs and vice versa! Although today I spent about 20 minutes looking for my glasses , up and down , in the car...only to find them in the most obvious place...you got it the top of my head! Having 2.5 baths is great until you have to clean them! Yes I think downsizing will be good! If this house ever sells that is! We will go back to a small, one floor house with a FLAT yard in Florida! Hubby hates mowing the hills! Yes we found "Grass isn't always greener on the other side"! Hell we don't even have grass most of the year!

P.S. Good news I know everyone is on pins and needles.....the new hamster has NOT been eatten by the cats.....yet!

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