See what hinting gets you............

My hubby did good for mother's day! The very subtle hint I dropped he took..........hook, line and sinker! It was really easy I handed him a card to the bathing suit store that I just did a review on and simply stated " I want a gift card from here"! And just like that I got one! He's a good hint taker eh?
I went bathing suit shopping! EEEKKK Scary even with dropping 30 pounds since last year! I know WOW right, however hubby thinks my best "ASS""SETS" are now to small! Apparently that's the neighbors beef to! He thinks I should pull into a Burger King and go "Buc Wild" and wash it down with a brownie or two! But like I always say "What do men know?"

I went through a million suits and found one I love! It also made me think since it is a vintage style like from the sixty's, I decided I will never throw out any more clothes ever! Everything comes back in style! So maybe I could make some room in the closet!I'll just start storing stuff in bins by the decade it is! That way when it pops back in style I'll already have it! I know BRILLIANT! RIGHT! Yes I do think so too! If I had done that I would be so far ahead of the game, since flat Swede boots are in now and I had about 10 pairs every color My closet looked like a crayon box! And jelly shoes.OMG! My girlfriend had a pair on today! Really jellies are in too!

Well even thou I do love my new suit, hubby thinks I 'll have funky tan lines! So guess I will take that as a "subtle" hint to buy another suit! See perfect plan eh? I did however discover you shouldn't go bathing suit shopping while you are PMSing! Nothing looks good then! The brownies I shoveled in earlier probably didn't help either! Live and Learn!

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