Wake up sleepy head!

Well my Insomnia has taken a turn. Now I am the opposite! I can hardly keep my eyes open! Could be that I have to much to do and now I have decided I would like to start sleeping in the 24 hour days! I replaced napping the last few days with hitting the gym, and as I shovel donuts, cookies and other yummies in my mouth to stay awake, I have decided that is not the way to go!
As I now discovered I can sleep in a nice slumber and not toss and turn , I now am awaken by a thumbing, spinning sound. While I lay there and try to figure out what that sound could be at 4 a.m. it dawns on me......"Padme" the hamster is NOCTURNAL! Really we got a animal that doesn't sleep at night on PURPOSE? It would be fine if I was still NOCTURNAL as well! But these days I require sleep!
I think "Tweety" the cat is a tad annoyed by being woken up as well since he flys off the bed and I hear a "Whack" where Tweety has slammed his paw down to stop the wheel from spinning! However I think that may be "How the great escape" happened the first time!

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