Magic Dust...sprinkle here

Well I thought I'd try out one of "Slacker's" wisdom's on another theory! You know she says calories are burned by wearing your gym shoes and clothes ...oh and it's bonus points if you happen to drive by the gym! Well somehow I don't think my new plan has worked....well at least I have not seen any progress!I thought maybe by...."Thinking about packing , or reading about packing" it would magically happen! Like the packing fairy would show up, just like the laundry fairy, the toilet roll changer fairy , empty box filler fairy ...they all show up! Oh yeah.....cause it's ME! Ughh that's my luck eh?
One fairy that has shown up lots lately is "The chocolate chip cookie fairy". The
de-lish cookies hubby AKA Betty Crocker has been making.....oh yummmmmmmmmmm but the problem, yeah that fairy is me too! Damn better hit the gym tomorrow, before they name me " Cookie Monster"! But I have a master plan the faster I eat them, the faster they are gone! See "Slacker" would TOTALLY agree with me! Oh great so now we're both delusional.......or everyone else is? So that's something to think about!

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