That's the joy ?

"Children bring such joy to our lives" Really? Cause right about now, my child brings me headaches... I think he is training for being a lawyer because he can argue like no other! Or maybe he is tryen to make me go crazy and get committed! That way his life would be carefree, no homework, no bathing, and just video game galore!

But I sit here at 4 a.m with him sleeping next to me, he really is a sweet child..when he is ASLEEP! Awake on the other hand is another story!he strolled in here about 11 p.m last night and crawled in bed with me. Hubby is asleep on the couch so it was just me and "Tweety Bird" the cat in the queen size bed. Most days I wonder how a 7 lb cat takes up so much room and has to be sprawled out in the middle of the bed. He was rather annoyed when Caleb join the party, mostly because Caleb is a flailer! He's arms and feet flip and flop all night as well as he sits straight up and yells ..."MOM..MOM...MOM' And starts to mutter something or other about this or that, this is usually when I take my hand on his forehead and push him back down.

Yep takes after good ol me...he sleep walks, talks, he even plays video games in his sleep! His fingers are going and he's yelling "Watch this, get outta the way"...and his famous line which I hear alot......"Just one more LEVEL!" (Actually found a t-shirt for his bday with that exact saying! He takes after dad by SNORING! How could he be that loud at 8 already!

Vacationing one summer with my dad, I almost dove in the middle of his and evil former step mom's bed! I was sound asleep and jumping up and down yelling" Daddy, Daddy watch this" As I posed with arms up and ready to dive in to the pool a.k.a their bed! After that adventure a few hours later I walked to the sliding glass doors to the balcony asleep but luckily dad caught me before I went out maybe to take a dive from there. Needless to say we had a ground floor room the next morning!As well as any vacations with dad!

So here's my joy snoring away, keeping me and the cat up! Well him and "Padme" the nocturnal rat....opps I mean hamster! Maybe I need earplugs?

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