Where will the piggies go!

So it finally happened after the house being on the market for 9 months! We have someone that wants to be a long term renter! Okay so it's not sold, but neither are the other 9 houses on my street alone! So I need to get packing and purging! We have so much more stuff then we moved with! UGHHH I think I need to become a minimalist! Although that would require getten rid of my beloved PIGGIES! I have so many.....I think maybe we could keep those if I were to say get rid of some Star Trek, Star Wars, and Pokemon things! I think I will miss mark the PlayStation and xbox with a name like "Pepper's Collect ables" and I am sure the "BOYS" won't be in a hurry to unpack those! They would be on a hunt for the PlayStation and games! Ughh where oh where do I start to pack! I read somewhere if you pack 2 boxes a day in 30 days you'll have 60 boxes packed! OMG! That would be 60 boxes to unpack also so I need to PURGE! But still need to find a place to live in Florida before we head back, or we'll be homeless! And then where would I put my beloved piggies then!

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  1. Congrats on your house! I HATE packing though. Enjoyed reading your blog!