Packing full speed ahead!

Well I am way ahead of the game today! No slacking here, well maybe a little BUT I packed up 7! Sad but true they were mostly pigs! I even had a little help! Not the boys but the CATS! Yes such helpers they are , rustling in the papers, pouncing outta the boxes, attacking me when I get in their way! Yes they are quite the helpers! AND I (think) I sold the spare room set, no more visitors will be coming anytime soon, dang it! Means no one will be helping pack! UGHH but the Mexican man I have spoke to on the phone...wishing I had paid more attention in Spanish class instead of "sharing answers"......I think is coming tomorrow to buy the bed and dresser! At least that's what I got outta our conversation! So that should count as SEVERAL days of packing to get that outta there! Ha! Like I said I am ahead of the game!Wouldn't wanna fall behind on the CAMPING trip! ughhh 15 days and counting...........

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