18 days and counting

I am counting down the days till Caleb goes to "Sleep away camp" with the cub scouts!
18 days away! I was doing cartwheels with the thought he'd be at overnight camp for 3 nights and 4 days! He really wants to go so I signed him up! Only when I found out that a parent had to be there I decided never mind! So I didn't pay for him to go......however the Cub Master did me the favor and PAID for him to go!
Oh geez thanks! So now I owe the cub master money AND I will be sleeping in a tent , on the ground with a bunch of snoring boys(including my own) and doing it all on PURPOSE! Oh jump for joy......One good thing I only have to sleep there at night, and can lave in the morning while he has his days of adventure! Still thou that is 3 days sleeping on the ground, in the tent on purpose!
GEEZ the things I do for the child who told me yesterday "I ruin everyday and , everything in his life!" Surely I can't ruin everything can I?

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