Camping is so.........

So camping..yeah I was thinking as I was loading all the comforts of home into my car, that this has to be over rated! Why would you choose to sleep in a tent on the ground over a nice comfy bed on PURPOSE! But that's what we did! Caleb and I went camping with the scouts to the Mudcats game! Yes how exciting all you say with that snicker in your voice and that grin tugging at your cheek as you picture " ME...Ms. Pris Pepper" camping!
Well not only did I camp but I also put up my 6 man tent AND my girlfriends tent to! Yes me the one who has never put up a tent or ever had a reason to for that matter! When I unloaded the car and put the bags down I scanned the group and found a man sitting an relaxing watching others put there tent up, so I asked if he could "HELP" me! Which really is code for "Could you put this up for me, while I watch." However I guess he doesn't know the code, or is all about that "teaching you how to do things motto they have in scouts" anyways my new pal Vince, taught me how to put the tent together. So when Ange came along I helped her while my bud Vince went back to resting in his chair supervising! So we got them put together an image our surprise when they were still standing this morning!
Now I got the tents put up and taken down .but I'll be damned if I can figure out "HOW" they fit back into those tiny bags you carry them in! I think it's a magic trick!
Some things I discovered about camping.....
* Men Snore .....LOUDLY I am surprise the tents didn't fly up in the air with the noise!
* Tents make everything seem damp and sticky....... I don't like to feel damp and sticky
*Using a "Glow Stick" to find your way through 100's of tents at 4 in the morning is not the "SMARTEST" idea while tryen to get to the ....EWWWW Porta Potty!
*Locking the porta potty is a GOOD idea even AT 4 in the morning! You never know SOMEONE else might have to go to!
*It gets bright early and the chipping birds at 5 in the morning are annoying!
*Last but not least Who needs a man to put a tent up! Not me that's for sure! But getten it back into the bag ....well that's another story!

So as far as I am concerned I was right in my prior assessment."Camping is over rated" But Caleb did have fun, and I am sure I will have to endure this again , since he told me he was so proud I put the tent up...ahhh how sweet right .until he added SO NEXT TIME we go you'll know what to do!
WHAT NEXT TIME???????????????????????????

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  1. I really would of liked to see that. Not be there just see it. Pop Pop will be amused.