AS IF ...........

As if I need an excuse to shop, even window shop that is! I am blogging for a website based outta California!They post postive reviews to different stores and are tryen to hit all 50 states! So I can do NC and maybe FL!They just posted my first review.and didn't even change anything! OH boy hope they checked the grammar, since we know spelling and grammar aren't my thang!I am waitting for the spell check to pop up with "WTF" is that suppose to be! Some days there are just "No Suggestions" those are what we call Pepperisms! Anyways here is the website you'll have to check it out! Check New Reviews...I'll be famous someday and then all you reading this can say." Ahhh I knew her when......"


  1. yay u started! thats pretty cool =) that shop looks really cute, too bad u cant buy online!

  2. Now that is a great store. When I come up we will look at those shoes.