Full speed ahead!

Well my summer part time job has resumed at the farmers market. So now I am up to 3 part time jobs, teaching clicker happy toddlers, the shopping blog and Saturdays at the market. At this rate I'll be a millionaire at no time! I'm wondering when the cleaning fairy will be at the house ...hasn't shown up yet! But just when you think you have a plan things change! I thought we we're staying here in NC for probably one more year, since the market is at a complete stand still! However yesterday someone came to look at the house , and then someone is very interested in renting it. So who knows ....surely not us!So I am going by the old motto " If it was meant to be...it will be".
While at the market bright and early, I have come to the conclusion that either A) People don't own full length mirrors (or mirrors in general) B) They don't care how they dress in public C)I missed the memo when it said "Jammies and High heels" are now the new fad!
I'm guessing stick with A or B thou! Let me know if I did miss the memo! I also think I will start a petition to be signed that "Spandex not be sold to MEN"! Who are planning on wearing them as they walk around town.......Really maybe spandex should be band all together, that would cover alotta issues!

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