Afternoons at the gym

Slacker is full of surprises! She has graced me with her pressence 2 days in a row at 2 in the afternoon! (Really I didn't know she knew it was open) And yesterday she actually got there BEFORE me, but today she made up for that by being 10 minutes late! But hey Kudos Slacker you made it!

So we have a few new names to add to our gym list! Today we had "Snot Slinger" ewww how gross eh? Well I guess it would interrupt the workout to actually STOP for a minute and BLOW your nose.So he just kinda shoots it out, you know holds his finger to one side and well you get it! YUCK!
"Gruntie Girl" she grunts the ENTIRE time she is on the glider! Arms flailing and her strange grunting noises are very distracting! And what's with the men that do the loud grunting? Is it the louder they grunt the stronger they are? Or maybe it's just that the weight that they are lifting is to HEAVY! I think the first clue to that would be the red vein popping outta your forehead, forearms , the grunt because you can hardly breath and lastly when you drop the weight to the ground with a huge THUMP! That makes everyone in the gym stop and stare....oh....maybe that was the idea!
Then "Packer" a lady came in today, she must be training for something , she had a huge backpack on.....and I mean like a HUGE one that you'd use for hiking or camping? But why wear it to the gym , and while she look a little strange in her business suit wearing this , it was odd as she hopped on the treadmill with it! But hey at least she wasn't in her suit any more!

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