The Great Escape

And by the "Great Escape" I don't mean me heading to Mexico to drink Margarita's on the beach! The newest Ninis member "Padme" (Pad-May) had an adventure of her own on Saturday night! Hubby was layen on the couch while the cats were going crazy racing around, only to notice something race past the kitchen floor! You got it Padme! He caught her luckily before Tweety Bird (yes that's the name of one of our cats) did! So as he headed back up 14 stairs and to Caleb's room where the cage sits on the dresser , he noticed her wheel had come off and she made her escape! Only now she has felt the wind in her hair, probably running from the cats and doesn't want to be in her cage! She wants FREEDOM! And I think Tweety wants a snack!

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