Me vs. Mower

I thought I would help the hubby out while he is out of town. I am pretty certain that he will think I should have waited until he got home! But really we went on vacation, had tons and tons of rain and then he had to leave for business for who knows how long ……. And with that the grass grew and grew and grew! I bet it was 10 feet tall in the back yard! Okay okay maybe not THAT tall…pretty close to that thou ..… but I decided I would MOW! Yes shocking I know as I am NOT the type who MOWS the yard! I do notice there are a lot of women who DO like to MOW the yard and they do it quite well! That however is NOT me!

I was very proud of myself that I got the mower out, and even got it start! Ha- I can so do this! So I push the handle down and it fly’s forward….whoooo it goes really fast! Okay so I notice it is NOT actually cutting the 10 feet tall grass just making it flat, so I wiggle the knobs some, there is a turtle and a rabbit so let’s go to turtle speed and  take the bag off because I am sure that makes a difference right?  Humm still not working right….I try my aunt she knows how to use a lawn mower and as luck would have it she didn’t answer.  So I had to break down and call the hubby……”You’re doing what? Um okay well you see the lever and the button that says blade…yeah push that down” Okay with a few more instructions I am ready to try this again!

So I am really moving now the grass is actually getting shorter, almost plow into the fence with is already on its last leg as it is, haven’t really mastered turning around yet either so there are little …shall we say divots in the ground where I had to turn around (I will blame it on the squirrels burying things).  Oh and I notice I missed a spot here and there so I use the “vacuum maneuver” you know where you see a spot you vacuum it….kinda  a crisscross pattern not really the straight line path the hubby does!  So just as I am admiring my work and giggling to myself about the reverse Mr. T Mohawk I have going on, thinking  WOW good thing the hubby can’t see this……the mower dies! Seriously?? Are you kidding….so I decide it needs gas – logical choice so I open the shed back up and there are 2 gas cans knowing the hubby that means it’s for 2 different things!!!  Ughh I need to call him again to find out about this now…… okay back in business  I now know that the little can is for the weed eater and the blower…..ha ha as if I will be using those?  Back to mowing I go…I finish up and it’s pretty good for my first time (okay well really my second time ever but the first my SIL was there and she actually knows how to do this). It is in need of some serious weed eating so I take that contraption out of the shed…look it over, wiggle a few switches, pull on the string and decide that the back yard looks pretty darn good after all , stick it back into the shed and off to the front yard I go to look it over.

I try pushing the mower into the rock path to get out front, now I have grass everywhere from under the mower on to the stone...........I pull it back up to the grass and decide I am not going to embarrass myself trying to mow the front yard where the neighbors could actually see me and this *&^%$# mower won’t budge anyway! Maybe I could go out tonight with night vision goggles and use the scissors to cut the front yard ~ it’s not THAT big of space!  And this video would be reason enough for me to NOT  be out in my front yard where people can see me or worse film me mowing!!

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