Shower Time

Round 1~ Shower Time
Me: It's time to get in the shower
PC: Okay
..........Tick tock tick tock .....
Me: Please get in the shower
PC: Okay
.......More time elapses.....tick tock......
Me: Get in the shower.....NOW would be good
PC: Okay
Me: No not just okay get in the shower NOW!
PC: (insert loud groan here) OKAY ! GEEZ ......

Round 2 ~ Knocking on bathroom door
Me: Come on finish up
Me: Don't just sit under the shower head ....use soap and shampoo it's not just a suggestion! You need to use it!!
PC: Okay
....tick tock.....
Me: Let's go aqua-man we don't own the water company hurry up
PC: I am  ( yeah a different response then Okay)
......tick tock.....
Me: (knocking again) SOAP & SHAMPOO & RINSE Let's Go NOW!
PC: Okay ( crap.we are  back to okay)

Round 3 ~ The debate ...Awwww finally the shower stops and aqua-man comes out of the steamy bathroom.....
Me: I don't smell and soap or shampoo!!!!!
PC: Well you told me to get out!!!
Me: (insert loud groan from me this time) But you were in there for over 20 minutes why didn't you use soap and shampoo!! Water alone will not get you clean!!!! ( insert another loud groan)
PC: Well you told me to get out NOW and I did!

Round 4 ~
Me: (Insert LOUDER GROAN) Come pick UP your DIRTY Clothes out of the bathroom!!
PC: Okay
ME: NOW!! Right NOW!!
PC: Cant you get them? Since your right there!

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