I  think someone is breaking in and filling the laundry hampers with clean clothes..and towels....I am certain that we have a laundry elf creating more laundry by the day! Or that when I put the piles of CLEAN clothes on PC's desk and instruct him to put away your clean clothes in my naggie voice I am sure.......that he may very well toss them into his hamper.....instead of walking the 2 extra feet to his dresser!! I know on at least 2 occasions when I was separating the clothes to be washed  I have found folded clothes in there ...so it's not like I am pulling this idea outta my ass!
And when asked about that one......OH  I folded it BEFORE I put it in the hamper it was really dirty!!! SERIOUSLY? Do I look like I fell off the turnip truck last night?
After getting ALL the laundry done....yesterday ......I turned around to the hubster dropping his dirty pile from his trip....ahhh fudge-nab-it! Okay okay so now ALL the laundry is REALLY done....I go off to work today ...PC stays home with dad, because as you know HE HATES CAMP.....so when I leave at 8am he is in jammies, when I return at 6pm he is still in jammies...........he claims a different pair, because of course he took his shower (humm he almost seemed insulted I would ask if he bathed today~ well if I could still smell you ....you may want to try that again) .....but can we explain how I am on my 3rd load of laundry and I wasn't even home today to play dress up!!! And one load of laundry had 11 towels in it!!! There are 3 of us...plus 3 cats....even if we all used a towel including the cats...that means that we must have had 5 elf's here racing around as well!!

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