Yummm donuts

I have been very productive this morning I went to bootcamp and made a stop by Dunkin Donuts on my way home, all by 8:30am! The hubster got home late last night while PC was sleeping. I left the house before hubster, PC & his buddy woke up and was off to the torture session....oh I mean bootcamp.....and it's 4th of July so I am sure according to my buddy "Slacker" that counts as a bonus! On the way home I felt the car pulling alittle to the right...humm don't want to wreck so  I just went with it and wouldn't you know I found myself at Dunkin Donuts drive thou window! Might as well get the boys some donuts....after all I am already here and it would be rude to back out with out getting anything!

When I got home the boys had already planted there bum's in the chair and where already gaming, when they heard me come in they stumbled out to see what I would be making for breakfast.....I put down the 6 pack of donuts and said you each get ONE while I poured a glass of milk for them I turned around to only 2 donuts left!!! REALLY???

 We may need to work on math skills here boys! I know during the summer you get "Brain Drain" but I said ONE DONUT each to my calculations there should be 4 left in that box!!!!
They both looked at me and looked at the remaining 2 donuts and said .......Will you be eating those????  YES ....that leaves one for me and your dad now OUT, OUT , OUT of the kitchen!!
So I ate one donut after all I deserved it with my bonus bootcamp class this morning ....on a National Holiday and all! Hubster finally woke from the dead, I guess after 6 days of 16 hour days and the drive home he was a wee bit tired! He grabbed the last donut with his breakfast and took a bite....had his cereal and coffee while reading the paper.

So there it sat...and sat....with one little bite out of it......so I looked up and said "Will you be eating that???? "(of course this is as I had already started to polish it off)  I have no doubt that according to "Slacker" the extra calories from that donut will not count since a bite had already been taken out of it!~

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