Off to camp we go

The hubster ( my new Pepper-ism - I am sure it's a real word somewhere)  is out of town on business you know what that means! Yep it's just me and PC! Oh the joys of auguring day and night - don’t be all green with envy now!

Our mornings start like this:

PC: I don’t want to go to camp

Me: Well you have to I have this whole JOB thing I go to everyday!

PC: But why? I don’t want to go to camp! I hate camp!

**** For the record here I am not sending him off to a slave camp where he is plowing fields all day in 100 degree weather  and pulling weeds...or doing any such  manual labor....he goes to summer camp ....with all his buddies. Who jump out of their parents car with a huge smile on their face and race inside to start their day as they wave a happy goodbye to their parents........not we argue as we drive there, as we sit there in the car circle all the reasons he HAS to go to camp....and then he jumps out and slams the door with his "mad face" and leaves me sitting there like the prison warden who took the pudding away at mess hall ****

Me: Again I have this JOB thing I go to daily, I am sorry it interferes with you sitting on your ass all day glued to the computer!  (Yes I say ass to my 11 year old - he can really bring out the best in me most mornings)

PC: UGHHHH just work from home like dad does!

Me: I can't, my job is different and I have to be there in person.

PC: UGHHH all you do is play on the computer and answer the phone.

Me: Okay well I need to do it in person or there won’t be anyone to play on the computer OR answer the phone! And you like having hot showers, food to eat, clothes to wear, a roof over your head with nice cold A/C to keep you cool right? Well then I gotta go to this whole job thing or they won’t pay me!!!

PC: UGHHH dad pays all he bills..............all you do is buy SHOES and STUFF!!!!

***As he slams the car door shut I add in the part that he is GROUNDED now so you better have all the fun you can while you are here!!! Of course he missed THAT whole conversation as he was on the other side of the car door and I was driving away so it went really smoothly!!***

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