Mice pops...

So there I am in PetSmart arguing with PC as he reads the sign" Snakes are good pets for kids 12 and older". "See , see mom it says right here their good pets for kids "! Well obviously my response is "Well your not 12 last I checked your only 8, so get back to me when you are! " And then the drama continued out in the car, how he wants a snake, he has the money in the bank to buy it , and blah blah blah. That was when I stopped listening to the endless whining about snakes! EWWW so not gonna happen!

Well I looked online on craig's list at snakes, while I was hoping foolishly that their were some that didn't eat critters. I came across an ad that said 'Friendly Corn Snake" as I opened it there was a picture of the corn snake mouth open and a tail and legs of the mouse sticken out! EWWWWW gross really is that necessary to show! The next picture was a lump in it's belly, which I am assuming was the mouse from the first picture, then lastly a picture of a liitle boy holding the so called "friendly rat snake" yea.....just ask that mouse "HOW" friendly was the snake!

Further reading I discovered you don't have to feed them live prey. You can feed them frozen mice. REALLY? EWWW I don't know which is worse...live mice or frozen mice. Frozen meaning it would be in my freezer. So can't you see it now, "Honey can you get the chicken outta the freezer? It's to the right in the bin  ,next to the "Mice pops" ! EWWWWW so not gonna happen!

When PC  was 5 the Hubster and him went out for the day, only to return with a bearded dragon! Oh boy won't that be fun! "Beardie" ate crickets that we had to get from the pet store. Well three months went by and I walked by PC's bedroom only to notice that "Beardie" wasn' t moving. I opened the cage to discover he was dead! I call the Hubster and found out that they caught a cricket outside and feed it to him! One of the big "No-No's" , and he told me to take it to the pet store and get a new one. YEA okay I'm gonna bring it with me......... the dead lizard? Seriously have you met me?? Nah........I toss it in the garbage can and head out to the pet store for "Beardie # 2". Explaining to the pet store guy,  I hold up my hand and point to the top of my middle finger to the palm of my hand and say " It's about this long" $80.00 later I'm out the door....your kidding right?? Hubster ...you paid $80 for a lizard??? next time catch one outside - that would have been so much easier to replace.....or maybe a fish .now would have been easier! Not to mention cheaper!

Off to the house to put the replacement in the cage and then head out to get PC from school (and I am totally rocking my imaginary cape and tiara for saving my little 8 year old boy from a broken heart and such despair .. yep that's me Supper Mom with a capital S M ) . Welp I was very pleased with myself, only to have PC come running in yelling" Mom ......Mom come look!" "Beardie grew an orange thing on his head and his tail is longer since this morning!" Now the hubster joins in the fun by saying "WOW buddy it looks like a totally different lizard doesn't it!"

Everyday after that PC checked to see what Beardie had new today! The things we do to save hearache at that age! Needless to say " Beardie 2" had some more adventures....but that's another day!

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