Shake It Girl!

Slacker and I have nicknamed a few people at the gym! “The Sexy Elliptical Lady” we don’t know her real name and that would spoil our fun, if we actually knew her! She arrives with hair and face in place, and sports a colorful running suit. She looks great however at a certain age I believe you should stop wearing saying's across your ass.( No matter how lovely the ass maybe there should be an age limit 15!) I think at a certain size too , but that is a different topic altogether. Anyways she hops up on that Elliptical glider and shakes what her mama gave her! I mean really she could order fries with that shake! It is a bit much to watch , but she does her thing!

We have "Sweaty Guy" who works it like crazy, that and the sweat pours off him in buckets! I'm sure it's unsafe, all that dripping sweat could cause the machine to malfunction and start a eclectical fire! I'm sure of it!

"Boyfriend" as we call him is the cute personal trainer, and he works out with a hoodie, ipod and his eyes are closed! How do you keep your balance with that? Slacker tried for a nano second and almost flew off the machine! "Boyfriend" has a "Mini Me" , who he works out with. "Mini Me " dresses in the same hoodie and follows him around as they workout together. But I haven't seen him on the glider yet, so I don't know if his eyes are shut too!

Just another day at the gym!

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