What do I know.......

Do you ever wonder how you got as old as you are without knowing anything? I sure do! Because apparently at 7 you know everything there is to know! Wow imagine all that time I wasted going to schools all those years ! Actually I think I was at least 14 before I knew it all! If you tell my son it is sunny out, he’ll argue it is cloudy and storming! Some day’s I think he is going to be a lawyer, others I think he’ll be on America’s Most Wanted. Then there are days when the drama is in full effect and I think he could win an Oscar!

We have had our bouts of “terrible two’s”, “troubling three’s”, “fretting fours”, “”frustrating fives” , “Satan six’s” and I was rooting for “SENSATIONAL SEVEN’s’ yeah they’ve been better, but I wouldn’t say sensational! We are too much alike, stubborn, need to be in charge and we are both always right! He is definitely a handful, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Most days at least!

I remember while delivering my son, I had my mom and hubby in the room , my mom yelled “AHHH, I don’t wanna see anymore, I’ve seen more then I can handle” This is while I am yelling” No I changed my mind, I don’t want to do this”. I think there was a lot of yelling in the room, but he was out in 20 minutes! The hubby was excited since it was the season finale of “Survivor”! So here we have a perfect little boy, all his fingers and toes are accounted for but I am focused on the size of his head that just came out of my “Ver-J-J”! OUCH!

I had a great room at the hospital, when the nurse came in during the night she took him to the nursery so I could get a good’s night’s rest. If I only knew that was going to be the last good night’s sleep I’d ever get I would have enjoyed it! When I awoke in the morning there was no baby, so I marched my self down to the nursery and flung open the door. BIG MISTAKE! There he was strapped to the table getten his winkie snipped! WOW Didn’t want to see that!

That night I told the nurse when she came in “I don’t think you should send the baby home with me, I don’t know anything about them” I will never forget her response….”Don’t worry they aren’t that fragile , if you drop him a time or so he’ll be okay” . Now I ask you what kind of response is that to give a first time mother, now I have to worry about me maybe dropping him? GEEEZ!

The good news is I never dropped him on accident or on purpose! Not that I DIDN'T WANT to drop him......So hey I guess I’ve done good right? He is going to be 8 in 5 days!Where did the time go! While yes somedays went faster then others I am expecting this to be the “Exceptional Eights!"I think I have earned it!

People always say "Oh you just have one ?"Like it's not normal ! or" Oh what a shame, he's an only child" my response to that is "So was I and I turned out just fine!" Just ask me!

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