No painting allowed.....

My paint brush was revoked many, many years ago! When we first started dating John was helping me spruce up my house! He painted the walls, and trim in 2 rooms and when he was done I was STILL painting the fireplace. Okay so I have to admit I was using Q-tips and a tooth brush to really get in to the cracks! It was after all a brick firer place and I was accenting some bricks in a different color! That should have been his first clue to take the paint away from me but it really wasn’t for another few clever ideas of mine , that my paint brush was retired!

When we moved into our first place together we worked different shifts. So when I was bored I needed a creative outlet and I worked part time at a paint and d├ęcor store! Never did I leave that job with a paycheck! One time I sponged the walls and put a huge border up it looked marvelous! All while he was at work, that was my craft room! Then I ventured to other rooms adding my creative flare to anything that wasn’t moving! I stenciled floor to ceiling, upside down, sideways any which way I could a room full of Iris purple flowers! I even painted the furniture to match! But sadly when we bought our first house I was only in charge of picking paint colors and not painting them! Which is still my job, no painting involved! ( Pretty smart vacuuming, mowing or painting!)

He did make an acceptation , I painted our son’s room camouflage at our current house, although he would pop his head in and just shake it and walk away! Except Caleb would walk in to inform me that it looked like a jungle not camouflage! So I had to kick everyone out until I was ready to reveal the masterpiece! And if I do say so myself it looks FAB-U-LOUS! (They think so too....)

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