Catch the Train

I never really decided what to be when I grew up. Not that I am getting ready to push up daisy’s or anything,( at least I hope not, I just got a FAB-U-LOUS new Cheetah coat and I have matching high heels boots! ) But as I walked around the book store and the library staring at all the random titles of books , that’s when it hit me! I should write a book! I have lots of clever, quirky thoughts that pop in my head all day long why not share them!

When I was in high school I wanted a talk show, it was going to be called “Pep Talk” and I’d have a fantastic wardrobe closet, of course! The down fall to that plan was taking Speech class in college, I discovered I don’t like public speaking! It took me 4 times to finally pass the class, I would drop the class before I had to give my first speech! Funny thing is, I am not shy at all! I have been a waitress since I was about 15! I can talk up a storm to anyone I meet…..just not in a class room with all eyes on me! If I imagined them naked I'd start laughing! Really have you done that, not everyone is a visual you want in your head!

Then it hit me one night as I had another sleepless night with Insomnia. Inside my head is like a train station. I have so many tracks to take, and so many trains going at the same time. I lose the train I’m on and hop on to another cart and travel down a different path. My mind seems to go from one thing to another and I can’t keep up. I have ideas that I obsess on and can’t get away from. This train station is running all night and all day. I wish someone could find the emergency break and pull it already!

So hop aboard because this is all about my train of thought, you might want to hang on because I could jump tracks just like that! I’ve always loved to write, but I am often told I write like I talk. So the grammar may not be perfect,and my spelling is terrible! But in my defense I am a "Bogie Graduate" and ask any of us we can't spell, Facebook has proven that theory time after time!

While I don;t have a plan for this , I'm just winging it! It''s just something new to do!

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